COVID Protocols – We are working hard to keep your pets healthy as well as keep the humans who care for them safe, too!
-Curbside Appointments & Medication Pick-Up: No clients will be permitted to enter the building.  Please call or text when you arrive and a staff member will come out to your car.  
-Drop-Off Appointments Available during business hours.
-Telemedicine Consultations available for non-urgent sick appointments (current patients only).
-Extended Hours: 8am-7pm Monday-Friday & 8am-4pm on Saturday.
We are working to maintain the health of our pets, their people, and our South Branch team.  Below is some relevant information about COVID-19 and pets from the CDC at this time but this is a rapidly evolving situation and information may change or be updated as more information becomes available. 
  • The virus that causes COVID-19 is spread mainly from person to person and there is not evidence that domestic animals play a role in spreading the virus as fomites. The CDC places this at a low risk.
  • If a pet owner is ill with COVID-19 they should remain separate from their pet just as they are with humans in the household. If an ill owner must care for their pet, a face mask should be worn and hands should be washed before and after contact with the pet. 
  • Keep your pets from interacting with other people or animals outside of their household; when outside maintain a 6-foot distance between your pet and other people and animals.
  • If a pet has been in contact with someone with COVID-19 and needs medical attention please call us to determine how to proceed with medical care. 
  • There has been widespread testing of pets for COVID-19 and there have been a handful of positive cases around the world of COVID-19 in dogs and cats. There is no evidence that dogs develop clinical signs and limited evidence of clinical signs developing in cats.  While there is a test now available to test pets for COVID-19 it is not recommended by the USDA, CDC, or AVMA except in special scenarios due to minimal risk to our domestic animals.